Holy Cross Church Mass/Misa Live Stream [CLICK HERE]

Feast of Christ the King/Fiesta de Cristo Rey

English Mass @ 5pm on Saturday, November 20 (available all weekend)

Misa en Español a las 12 pm el domingo, 21 de noviembre (disponible todo el fin de semana)


Parish Announcements:

A.-  After the 9am Mass on Sundays, we will continue our Inquiry sessions with the Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA). If you have questions or you know someone who does about how one “becomes Catholic” or what the process looks like … or if you simply have questions about the faith and the Church: please join us in the parish convent right after Mass.

B.- We thank you for joining us for this virtual Parish Mass! We are saddened to announce that this First Sunday of Advent marks the end of our livestreaming. We are grateful to our team of Bob Kerns, RJ Tagorda, and Felipe Perez for their able and loyal assistance at the camera and the computer. We owe these men a deep debt of gratitude. If you are able to join us now in-person, please continue to respect others around you by wearing a mask in church, maintaining a safe distance, and washing your hands. We will continue to offer three Masses each weekend: 5pm Saturday, 9am Sunday, and 12pm Sunday in Spanish. As the need arises, we will be at the ready to offer livestreamed Masses in the future, but (again) this Sunday marks the end of our “regular schedule” on YouTube.

C.- Advent Giving Project: We are teaming up with our St. Vincent de Paul Conference again this year to provide Christmas baskets for parish and school families who are going through challenging times. Envelopes are available in the church at at the office. Donations can also be made at holycrosspdx.org/holy-cross-church/give

D.- At the entrances of the church and in our “treasure box” at the office you can find Advent resources which will help you deepen your experience of this holy season. Please take look at the Scriptural and other “helps” we have made available. Also, between 8am and noon on Sunday (in the church) we will have Advent Wreaths available (at a very reasonable price) to help all parish households get a jump-start on the season.

E. We thank everyone, especially the medical team, who helped offer our Saturday Vaccination Clinic! It was another “proud Holy Cross day!”

F.- These important questions remain on our parish’s agenda: What are we going to do this week to make this a better place (a better parish, a better neighborhood, a better city, and a better world)? What are we going to do this week to make us a better people? If God has called us to lead others to Him by way of a virtuous life, how are we going to do that this week?




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