Holy Cross Mass/Misa Live Stream [CLICK HERE]

Third Sunday of Easter/El Tercero Domingo de Pascua

English Mass @ 5pm on Saturday, April 17 (available all weekend)


Misa de Espanol @ 12pm en domingo, el 18 de abril (disponible todo el fin de semana)

By way of announcements:

1.- Happy Easter Season! “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad!”

2.- Thank you for joining us today for our celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord. Please continue to celebrate virtual Masses with us each weekend! These Masses will continue to be livestreamed here on our YouTube channel. We apologize for technical “glitches” with our internet connection. We are working on resolving the problems.

3.-  Be sure to drop by the parish office to pick up a bulletin and all kinds of “goodies,” including your “gift copy” of the Matthew Kelly book “I Heard God Laugh.”

4.- Thank you to all of our “essential ministers,” especially our music leaders, ushers, greeters, tech team, and decorators who are gracing us with their many gifts. Thank you as well to all who helped provide Easter flowers this season. We will be praying for those who have been recommended to our prayers, those living and deceased family members and friends, as requested.

5. – Even with the many hopeful signs regarding vaccinations and the reduction in the number of Covid-19 cases, there is no “date certain” by which the whole pandemic will be declared “over.” But … we cannot let that stop us from planning now to re-engage more fully with parish life and welcome parishioners back to Mass. So, our parish has begun to offer “limited” attendance at Mass. Please sign up now for the “Mass lottery” and reserve a space for upcoming Masses. Meanwhile, we will still provide the livestream Mass.

6. – As a safety note, we continue to encourage everyone to follow all health and safety precautions, including: social distancing, wearing of face coverings, and regular hand washing. We all continue to strive to keep the larger community as healthy as possible, by first encouraging health in our own parish and school families! Please keep our staff and parishioners in your prayers! We appreciate your support and your care! If



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