Pastoral Council

Holy Cross Pastoral Council

Foundation:  The pastor is the proper shepherd of the parish entrusted to him, exercising pastoral care in the community entrusted to him under the authority of the diocesan bishop in whose ministry of Christ he has been called to share; in accord with the norm of law he carries out for his community the duties of teaching, sanctifying and governing, with the cooperation .....and assistance of lay members of the Christian faithful.  Code of Canon Law 519

  • The Pastoral Council is solely a consultative body with the role of advising and assisting the Pastor in areas of pastoral concerns.
  • The Parish Pastoral Council in its membership should be representative of the entire parish, recognizing and reflecting the parish's rich diversity.

Names from left to right:   Rev. Mark Bachmeier, Moises Barajas, Salvador Santos, Katy Culligan, Lorie Simmons, Ursula Cawley and Tim Martin 









Welcome to New Parishioners Dinner, Nov. 9th, 2

One of our Pastoral Priorities at Holy Cross is Hospitality - to welcome new parishioners to the life of the community and ministries.

We joyfully hosted the Saturday, Nov. 9th 2019 Parish Potluck after the Saturday Vigil Mass, adding a Welcome to New Parishioners theme......we invited nineteen new families who had registered in the parish in the last year and seven were able to attend with over 60 parishioners coming together to meet and welcome them.

Katie Kopania, Annette Morrison and her daughter Fiona