Month: June 2020

Living the Sacraments

Several weeks ago, we started a series on “living” the Sacraments. The series was prompted by the oft-repeated question being raised during this pandemic: “how can we possibly survive without the Sacraments of the Church?” One of the answers to

Los Santos Mártires de Roma

Tenemos que reconocer la presencia del Señor y seguir confiando en Él cuando las tormentas rugen dentro de nosotros y a nuestro alrededor, en nuestro mundo, y nos amenazan con tragarnos y hacernos gritar: “Señor, ¿dónde estás?” Pueden ser

Feast of the First Christian Martyrs in Rome

Wherever the Good News of Jesus has been preached, it has met the same opposition as Jesus did, and many of those who began to follow Him early on shared His suffering and death. But no human force could stop

La Fiesta de los Santos Pedro y Pablo

Celebramos (el 29 de junio) en el calendario de la Iglesia la solemnidad de los Santos Pedro y Pablo, Apóstoles. Ellos son los dos pilares sobre los cuales el Señor construyó su Iglesia y a quienes confió la fe. Su

Sts. Peter and Paul

On June 29th we celebrate a special feast of the Church, symbolized by the two great Apostles, Saints Peter and Paul. They were the two men around whom the mission of Jesus to establish the Kingdom was centered and from

Good News: Adoration

One of the fruits of the recent “bell ringing” send off for Fr. Mark’s final radiation treatment was this discovery: we are really hungry to be together, to see familiar faces, and to re-connect personally with our brothers and sisters

Muy Buena Noticia

A partir del primer jueves de julio (el 2 de julio) estaremos teniendo una hora de Adoración al Santísimo (dos veces al día) en el Jardín Mariano (donde está la estatua de la Virgen), cerca del convento. Cada jueves durante

Holy Cross Mass/Misa Live Stream [CLICK HERE]

Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time/Decimotercero Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

English Mass @ 5pm on Saturday, 6-27-20 (available all weekend)

Misa en Español a las 12pm el 28 de junio (disponible todo el fin de semana)

“Come To Me”

When Jesus says in Matthew 10, “Come to me…” He is extending an invitation to everyone. Central to the mission of the Church, from our very first days, has been to help others find Him.

As we do this,

God Guards Our Lives

Over the years, people outside of the Church have commented, “You Catholics have a blessing for everything!” And this appears to be true. But, given that God is the source, inspiration, and completion of everything, it seems fitting