October 2: The Day of the Lord

As we have heard and read, nearly the entire second half of St. Luke’s Gospel is filled with the events which Jesus experienced (with His disciples) as He makes His final journey to Jerusalem. It will be in the

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2 de octubre: El Día del Señor

Las lecturas que la Iglesia nos ofrece hoy en la Misa nos recuerdan que la Fe nunca es un asunto privado, aunque sea personal. La Comunidad católica, de la que nosotros formamos parte, debe ofrecer y facilitar los medios necesarios

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1-2 de octubre: Preparándonos para Celebrar la Misa Dominical

Si la Fe se alimenta de la Palabra de Jesús escuchada, acogida, y puesta en práctica, la alusión al servicio no es casual (Lucas 17, 5-10). La Fe no es una confianza pasiva, sino que nos pone en pie y

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October 1-2: Preparing to Celebrate Sunday’s Mass

When the first disciples, the first Christians, beg Jesus to increase their faith (Luke 17, 5-10), they do so because they have just begun to realize what He expects of them. Then, He calms them down just a little

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September 30: St. Jerome

The Church celebrates today the feastday of Saint Jerome, a priest, monk, and Doctor of the Church. He has always been renowned for his extraordinary depth of learning and translations of the Bible into Latin in what is called “the

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30 de septiembre: San Jerónimo

Cada 30 de septiembre la Iglesia celebra la Fiesta de San Jerónimo. Su nombre “Jerónimo” quiere decir: “el que tiene un nombre sagrado.”

La Iglesia ha reconocido siempre a San Jerónimo como un hombre elegido por Dios para explicar y

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September 29 / 29 de septiembre: Archangels / Arcángeles

We rejoice on the Feast of the three Archangels who are mentioned by name in the Scriptures: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. But what is an Angel? God’s Word and our Church tradition describe two parts of the answer to that …

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28 de septiembre / September 28: Oración / Prayer in Time of Storms

Prayer for Protection during a Storm:

“O God, Master of this passing world, hear the humble voices of your children. The Sea of Galilee obeyed your order and returned to its former quietude. You are still the Master of land

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September 27: St. Vincent de Paul

The famous anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked what she thought was the earliest sign of true “human civilization.” She responded, “The earliest sign of human ‘civilization’ is not a clay pot, or tools made of iron, or the first domesticated

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September 26: The Mysterious Designs of God

Our own age continues to ask the question that has been around for “ages” – How can God allow a good and innocent person to suffer? It is certainly true that many good people suffer greatly in this life, but

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