Month: March 2024

March 30: Holy Week (Easter Vigil / Vigilia Pascual)

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

As awkward as it may sound, let’s let Mahatma Gandhi, the father of modern India, set the tone for what the Catholic Church celebrates tonight. His words still ring true, even though he spoke

March 29: Holy Week (Good Friday / Viernes Santo)

“They took Jesus; and carrying the Cross by Himself, He went out to what is called The Place of the Skull, which in Hebrew is called Golgotha. There they crucified Him, and with Him two others, one on either side,

March 28: Holy Week (Holy Thursday / Jueves Santo)

Almost half of St. John’s Gospel is taken up with a description of the Passion (the death and Resurrection) of Jesus. Prior to that, in the first half of his Gospel, the words “life” and “live” occur about fifty times,

March 27: Holy Week (Wednesday) / Semana Santa

At mid-week in Holy Week, we are discovering that the Passion of the Lord is an enthralling story of betrayal, suffering, death, and finally Resurrection.

Isn’t it true that everyone discovers the reality of suffering soon enough? Its meaning, however,

March 26: Holy Week (Tuesday) / Semana Santa

As we march deeper into Holy Week, let’s remember that for the first followers of Jesus, His condemnation and brutal execution must surely have seemed like total failure. To those who stood at a distance watching Him die on

March 25: Holy Week (Monday) / Semana Santa

After entering into Holy Week on Palm Sunday, we continue one of the most important weeks in the Church.  It is a week that is full of suffering and pain, yet equally full of promises and hope. This is

24 de marzo: El Día del Señor

Celebrando el Domingo de Ramos, empezamos la semana y ya evocamos el desenlace final. La lectura del Evangelio de la Pasión pone delante de nosotros no sólo el argumento, sino toda la narración para que nos sumerjamos en ella