Nurturing Executive Function Skills at Holy Cross: Building Foundations for Success

By Mrs. Louie, Middle School Specialist, Holy Cross In the journey of education, students not only acquire subject knowledge but also develop a set of vital life skills that shape […]

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Building More Movement into the School Day!

By Mrs. Brant, PE Teacher, Holy Cross In a world where digital screens dominate, physical activity remains critical to the health and wellbeing of growing children. Holy Cross is committed […]

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Why Music Education Matters

By Mary Grace Connolly, 6th Grade Ambassador This article was written by Mary Grace Connolly, a 6th grade student at Holy Cross. Mary Grace is part of our ambassador program […]

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Did Your Child Finish Their Work Early? 21 Activities to Fight Boredom and Keep Your Child Engaged

By Mrs. Marisa Veiga, 4th Grade Teacher, Holy Cross Even during a time of quarantine, there are endless things you can do! This list below includes digital ideas, so it […]

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Video Training – Executive Functioning During Covid-19

Get control of your brain and your days to avoid the meltdowns. Executive function is a set of skills we use daily to learn better, plan better, and manage daily […]

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7 Tips to Create a Successful Digital Learning Experience

Distance learning can be a challenge, for even the most dedicated students and organized parents. Working from home, job changes or loss, stress, health concerns, and uncertainty have created additional […]

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2nd Grade Holy Cross Students Deliver 600 Pounds of Food

holy cross students deliver 600 pounds of food

Thank you for your generous support of the recent food drive to help our own St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.  Over 600 pounds of food was brought over to […]

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Let’s Help the Community of Hope

community of hope

During Black Friday, please consider purchases of pillows and queen-size or single-size blankets, which families are given as they leave Hope House.  The Community of Hope is a shelter in […]

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What Happens When Things Get Difficult?

Developing a growth mindset can make all the difference in whether a child embraces challenge or shuts down in the face of adversity. We sat down with Marisa Veiga, 4th […]

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5 Easy Ways to Get Kindergartners Reading Ready

5 ways to get kindergartners reading ready

Summer is fading and school supplies greet us in almost every store reminding us that change is in the air. Getting new kindergartners ready for school can be fun and […]

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