Month: January 2024

January 30: Amazement

Over this past weekend, we heard that the word “amazed” appears 24 times in the short Gospel of St. Mark. His Gospel is also the one that starts many sentences with “And” or “Then” … as in “Then Jesus did

January 30: Catholic Schools and the Faith

Our Catholic faith is more than feelings and sentiments. Our faith has a content. It has truth. And that truth has a name: Jesus!

In celebrating National Catholic Schools Week, we are reminded that the deepest aim of Catholic education

January 28: The Day of the Lord

“Amazement” is what they call “a running theme” throughout the Gospel of St. Mark. The word (and its synonyms, like “wonder” and “surprise”) appear at least twenty four times in the Gospel (which runs only sixteen chapters in length).


28 de enero: El Día del Señor

Al escucharle, los vecinos de Jesús se dieron cuenta de que ahí había algo diferente (Marcos 1, 21-28). Hablaba un verdadero profeta. Y lo hacía con autoridad – la autoridad que viene de Dios. Eso es lo que el Resucitado

January 27-28: Preparing to Celebrate Sunday’s Mass

In Sunday’s Gospel (Mark 1, 21-28) the people of Capernaum recognize Jesus who had come to their synagogue as a teacher, and not just any old teacher, but a teacher who was very different from the teachers they had grown