November 29: Advent is a Holy Season

For many years, we have repeated that “Christmas is more than a day” and likewise “Easter is more than a day.” Our culture favors the great build-up to such holidays, but it does little to sustain the joy of whole seasons, like Christmas and Easter. As we can see and hear already, the big build-up has already begun for December 25th. By December 26th, however, everything Christmas-related will be marked down 75% and everyone will be eager to move on and start building up for the next celebration to arrive.

Advent is the “original” Christmas build-up, but it is focused on patience, waiting, and expectation. It encourages us to keep our focus on prayer and preparation, but it does so in order to help us celebrate the whole Christmas season, not just the one day. What is called for in this holy time is an “Advent Way of Life.” It is a life “style” focused on the things that matter most. It is a way of living each day as if it were the last, but not fearfully or anxiously. Instead, it is a call to be grateful, hopeful, and confident that the promise of God’s love will be fulfilled. It is a way of living that is centered on what is good and just. It is marked by a life filled with memories of good times, joy, and God’s never-ending care for His people. It is also a lifestyle sustained over the long haul by people who do good things for others.

Let us pray. “Almighty God, grant your faithful people the resolve to keep these Advent days holy. Inspire us to make things right and to keep our minds and hearts focused on the coming of your Son. He lives and reigns with you for ever and ever. Amen.”

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