November 26-27: Preparing to Celebrate Sunday’s Mass

What’s Another Year? is the name of a song that was once popular in Europe. On the First Sunday of Advent, we mark another liturgical new year with “the songs of Isaiah” singing the praise of Advent. Our year of prayer will carry us through to Christmas, then on to Jesus’ public life, then Lent and Holy Week, and then the drama of Easter, and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Then our time moves towards next Advent, when another year of liturgical prayer begins.

This rhythm and pattern can be a blessing for us, providing a spiritual framework of meaning for all the bits and pieces of daily living, during the different seasons. The liturgical year can help us keep our lives grateful and centered on God.

We begin this season of Advent in a spirit of expectation, but not only with our sights set on Christmas. During this Advent time, we look forward not just to the birthday of Jesus at Bethlehem, but also for His second coming at the end of time … and His daily coming into our lives in so many different ways!

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