May 12: Nothing is Impossible for God

“Lord, lead us along your path, the path of life.”

The Easter season has a unique way of reminding us that nothing is impossible for God and, therefore, that we can do great things in His name. No matter what we are going through right now, no matter how impossible a situation may seem, no matter how helpless or hopeless we may feel, let’s allow Easter to remind us that nothing is impossible for God. God’s power and grace are infinite and they invite us to have faith in Him and His love for us. 

For reflection: Fr. Henri Nouwen wrote, “Somewhere we know that without silence, words lose their meaning; that without listening, speaking no longer helps; that without distance, closeness cannot cure.”  Perhaps we could take the time this season to appreciate the silence, the listening, and the closeness, all of which are often sensed when we slow our pace, contemplate, pray, and open our hearts to what could be possible. In the midst of hurt, grief, turmoil, and troubles God remains with us and His grace is in us. Can we be still and know that God is here with us? Can we be inspired to have faith and hope, no matter what the situation may be? Do we trust that nothing is impossible for God?

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