June 1: St. Justin, Martyr

The Church honors the memory of the early Christian philosopher St. Justin Martyr today. He was born around the year 100 in the Palestinian province of Samaria. His father followed the Greek pagan religion and raised his son to do the same, but he also provided St. Justin with an excellent education in literature and history. As a young man, he became interested in philosophy and looked for truth in the various schools of thought that had spread throughout the empire. But he became frustrated with the professional philosophers and their apparent indifference to God.

After several years of study, St. Justin had a life-changing encounter with an old man who urged him to study the Jewish prophets. He told St. Justin that these authors had not only spoken by God’s inspiration, but also predicted the coming of Christ and the foundation of His Church. “Above all things, pray that the gates of life may be opened to you,” the old man told St. Justin, “for these are not things to be discerned, unless God and Christ grant to one the knowledge of them.” The aspiring philosopher began to take the claims of the Christians more seriously, and he eventually decided to be baptized around age 30.

After his conversion, St. Justin continued to be inspired by the dedicated example of other Catholics whom he had seen put to death for their faith. He embraced a simple and austere lifestyle even after moving to Rome. He is best known as the author of early “apologetic” works which argued for the Catholic faith against the claims of Jews, pagans, and non-Christian philosophers. He was put to death for his unflinching defense of the faith.

For more: https://www.franciscanmedia.org/saint-of-the-day/saint-justin-martyr/


Join us for Eucharistic Adoration today (between 8:30am and 8:30pm). “Eucharistic Adoration has brought us so close to each other. We love each other better, but I think we love the poor with greater and deeper faith and love.” St. Teresa of Calcutta

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