January 22: The Day of the Lord

It is a worthy goal to appreciate, more and more, our call to be Christ’s disciples. Every one of us is called by God, both individually and as part of His Church, to be His disciple. The call is both a privilege and responsibility, right? The mission of preaching, teaching, and healing which Jesus began in Galilee (the land of Zebulon and Naphtali!) is now the responsibility of the Church and of each individual believer. Our response to God’s call begins with our reception of Baptism and Confirmation. That response is meant to be strengthened through the years by the Eucharist and Reconciliation and to be lived through the other Sacraments of the Church.

As we respond to God’s call, we gain spiritual strength through our personal and family prayers, our Sacramental life, and our faithful study of the Bible and the Church’s teachings.

The invitation God gives us is to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom: we are constantly being sent forth to proclaim that Good News and to defend the Faith. Each of us has received a unique call to share God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, and salvation through our daily life. This call challenges us to rebuild our lives, homes, and communities in the justice and peace that Jesus proclaims. Let us ask the Lord to give us the strength and perseverance to answer His calling, so that we may faithfully serve Him, doing His will as best as we can by cooperating with His grace.


Pope Francis has encouraged the Church to celebrate this Third Sunday of the Church Year as “The Sunday of the Word of God.” For more: https://www.usccb.org/bible/understanding-the-bible

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