February 27: Greatness (in God’s Eyes)

Have you heard the term GOAT? It means Greatest of All Time. Do you know that it is now in the Merriam-Webster dictionary (and has been since 2018)? It is used to praise exceptional athletes, musicians, and other celebrities for being the very best at what they do. A GOAT is a standout, someone whose performance is so exceptional it is above comparison to all others in their respective field. Essentially, GOATS get attention and accolades for being extraordinary at what they do.

What do you suppose the Bible has to say about GOATS? Well, Jesus teaches us that it isn’t the big grandiose actions in our lives that make a difference. He says we don’t have to be a GOAT, the biggest and best, we just have to take care of one another. He reminds us (over and over) that when we extend the mercies of food, drink, hospitality, clothing, and care – that is what He is looking for … kindness and love.

Jesus says (in Matthew 25 and elsewhere) that we don’t have to calculate our generosity. We are called to give because we are moved by human need – not by the potential for reward. We don’t have to stand out and we don’t have to make our actions stand out; we are called to simply treat others with dignity. 

This week, let’s remember that Jesus walks with us this Lenten season. He is ready to remind us that it’s the ordinary, day to day actions we take that make for true “greatness” (in God’s eyes)!

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