Daily Readings

For all of us who have more time on our hands and are at home more often these days, resources like Magnificat, The Word Among Us, and The Daily Word are invaluable. Many people also visit the U.S. Bishops Conference website to encounter the Scripture readings for the daily and Sunday celebrations of the Mass. The website offers written texts and audio presentations.

Aiming to help us value art and to see its intrinsic connection with those same Scriptures (and our faith), former Director of Sotheby’s London, Patrick van der Vorst (at Christian Art Today) now provides e-mail subscribers a daily piece of art paired with one of the liturgical (Mass) readings of the day along with a short reflection on how the art and text enlighten each other. Works featured include both the old and the new. This service can guide us to “visual literacy” in our Catholic-Christian belief. Check it out, you mind find it a beautiful place to start.








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