May 29-30: Preparing for this Weekend’s Mass

What do we celebrate on Trinity Sunday? The real truth about who God is and what Divine life is all about can only be discovered in relationships, like the relationship of love. Through the Word made Flesh, a relationship has been established with us, God has entered into our life and invited us to enter into God’s life through the Word, His Son Jesus Christ.

Isn’t it true that the entire mission of Jesus Christ was to invite us (and teach us) how to “live” in love, in unity, and in peace? His life of service and reconciliation, healing and forgiveness is a wonderfully clear sign of the love God has for us. This makes it all the more sad that we get tripped up by theological definitions on a day like Trinity Sunday. It seems so simple: the Son of God came among us in order to gather in the lost and those left behind. We are the ones He came to gather together. We are the ones He called “friends.” We are the ones He cherished and to us has been given all that He has as the Anointed One of God (the Messiah).

All of this becomes a challenge when we realize that our relationship with God means: we are called to live according to the law God has revealed to us. We must show forth His justice and mercy by caring for those our society casts aside and by turning our backs on all forms of immorality. We truly are called to live according to the Gospel message, so that our dignity as sons and daughters of God can be shown forth to the whole world.

This experience of relationship, of being drawn into the very life of God, begins for us at Baptism. Being Baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit seals our adoption into the family of God. Every other sacrament draws us deeper into this Divine life of grace which makes our participation in all the sacraments so very important – if God’s life is to be sustained in our own. We bless ourselves day after day, meal after meal, and prayer after prayer because we are holy, chosen, worthy, and blessed by God with the dignity that is His gift to us.

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