Merchandise Scrip Program

“To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love, For it is in giving that we receive. . .”
~ from The Prayer of Saint Francis

What is Scrip?

SCRIP is an easy way for the Holy Cross Parents Club to raise money for our school! This essential fundraiser helps keep tuition affordable while providing valuable experiences to our students!  Instead of using your normal payment method at the grocery store, gas station or when you do your online shopping, use SCRIP!  SCRIP is a term for gift cards and eGift cards that are tendered just like cash but offer a rebate that goes directly to us!  The Holy Cross Parents Club purchases gift cards at a discounted price and sells them to our families at face value, earning the rebate amount.  Each retailer offers a different and already negotiated rebate percentage. You can use these gift cards in place of a credit card or cash at all of your favorite stores.  You buy a gift card from the school or purchase an eGift card, we earn a rebate, and you shop as you normally would!

How Much Scrip Do I Have to Purchase?

Every Holy Cross family is obligated to purchase a minimum of $2,000 in SCRIP every school year.  The SCRIP year runs from June 1st through May 31st.  Many of our families easily exceed this $2,000 requirement simply by shopping as they typically do.

What gift cards are available in the school office?

Holy Cross carries Fred Meyer (4% rebate), New Seasons (5% rebate) and Burgerville (10% rebate) gift cards regularly.  We also try to keep inventory of things our families tend to purchase (76 Gas (1.5% rebate), Shell (1.5% rebate), Arco (1.5% rebate), Walmart (2.5% rebate), Target (2.5% rebate), Starbucks (4.5% rebate), Dennis Uniform (5% rebate), Amazon (2% rebate), etc.).  Our inventory changes quickly so please pay attention to our weekly SCRIP updates!  Do you like having physical cards and need something that isn’t in our inventory?  Place a special order!

What is a "special order"?

The school will place “special orders” every month.  These are orders for physical (plastic) cards that are not available in our inventory.  Shopping for a special occasion or gift? Place a special order!  Need new uniforms?  Place a special order!  Going on vacation and need a hotel or airline ticket?  Place a special order!  We will post our “special order” dates in our weekly SCRIP newsletters!

The Parents Club is responsible for covering a $15.25 shipping charge for each of these orders so we are unable to place them more frequently.  We can always make adjustments if in the best interest of Holy Cross families and the Parents Club.

What if I don't want to buy SCRIP?

We encourage you to attempt to regularly purchase SCRIP.  By purchasing $200 or more in SCRIP every month, you will be able to easily meet your requirement.  When all families participate, the earning potential is huge.  If you feel strongly about not participating, you may opt-out by paying a $200 opt-out fee.  This equals 10% of the $2,000 minimum SCRIP obligation.  Most retailers offer Holy Cross between 1.5% and 20% in rebates.  The Parents Club budget relies on participation by all families and because of this, we will have to bill non-participating families $200 or a portion of this amount dependent on your SCRIP balance at the end of May.

Which Retailers Offer SCRIP?

There are hundreds of participating retailers.  For a complete list, visit and click on ‘brands’.  We have families that purchase almost all of their monthly needs using SCRIP (groceries, gas, entertainment, gifts, toiletries, clothing, toys and books, cleaning supplies, uniforms, dining and take-out, home improvement project materials, etc.).  SCRIP can actually help you budget!  Purchase a certain amount of SCRIP every month and don’t ever reach for your credit card!


Some popular retailers:

*Apple Store/ (5% rebate)

*Barnes & Noble (8% rebate)

*Chipotle (10% rebate)

*GameStop (3% rebate)

*GrubHub (4% rebate- eGift cards only)

*The Home Depot (4% rebate)

*Honeybaked Ham (12% rebate- physical cards only)

*Macy’s (10% rebate)

*Michaels (4% rebate- physical cards only)

*Nike (12% rebate)

*Old Navy/ Gap/ Athleta (14% rebate)

*Papa Murphy’s Pizza (8% rebate)

*Safeway (4% rebate)

*Shutterfly (9% rebate)

*Subway (4.5% rebate)

Can I Order SCRIP Online?

Yes!  If you are like many busy families and have a hard time getting to the office, please go to and sign up for an online account!  Click on ‘Sign Up’ using enrollment code: 1D317D5B14264

You will be able to sign up, link a payment account and purchase SCRIP at any time!  Some families purchase SCRIP all summer long this way!  Many retailers offer eGift cards and these electronically delivered cards will appear in your “wallet” in the RaiseRight app within minutes for immediate use!  No need to write a check, fill out a form or go to the office!  Feel like ordering Olive Garden on a Saturday evening?  Purchase an eGift card in your RaiseRight app and place your order minutes later!  The school will earn 8% of your total!  Family and friends from all over the country can sign up for an account to order eGift cards this way and support Holy Cross!  Fred Meyer, New Seasons and Burgerville SCRIP can ONLY be purchased from the school office.  These retailers do not offer eGift card options at this time and cannot be purchased through the app.

*Please note: the SCRIP company will charge $0.15 for every order placed using a linked checking account and a 2.6% fee when you link and pay with a credit card.  If you don’t mind the fee, you can still get those credit card points!


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