Annual Drive

“To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love, For it is in giving that we receive. . .”
~ from The Prayer of Saint Francis

Holy Cross Catholic School for more than 100 years has nurtured, affirmed, and challenged her students in their pursuit of learning and accepting the responsibilities of faith and citizenship. I have witness first-hand the selfless dedication and unwavering commitment the teachers and staff have to our students and families. And I have been humbled to see the sacrifices many parents and guardians make in order assure a quality, faith-filled education for their children.

I have been very fortunate in my own life. My parents valued Catholic education and insured that my brothers, sisters, and I were taught by the Carmelite sisters at the school in our hometown. In addition, my parents emphasized service to others. I distinctly recall my mother’s words at seeing someone less fortunate, “. . . there but for the grace of God, go I.” It is this that drives me to be of service to the Church and gives me an opportunity to live my faith on a daily basis.

Holy Cross Catholic Schools’ Annual Fund Drive is a unique opportunity for you to join your commitment to Catholic education to service to others. Holy Cross serves a very diverse socio-economic population and takes pride in opening the benefits of Catholic education to many families who are normally precluded from the advantages of a rigorous academic and faith-filled education. In an economically challenging time we want to make sure everyone who desires a Catholic education can attend Holy Cross Catholic School.

Your gift to the Annual Fund is a unique gift because it will be returned to you and the greater community a hundred fold. Your contribution will make a significant difference in the life of a child and his or her family. Your support to Holy Cross Catholic School is a wonderful opportunity for you to live the Gospel of He who said, “Truly, I say to you, as you did to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25: 39-40)

Financial Contributions

Cash Gift

A cash gift is the simplest way to support Holy Cross and has an immediate impact on the school. Cash or credit card donations can be made as one-time gifts or monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions and are deductible for income tax purposes in the year in which they are contributed. Please consult your tax advisor for tax implications.

You may designate a cash donation for a specific fund, program or project, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Greatest Need
  2. Tuition Assistance Fund (Scholarship)
  3. Projects/Programs
  4. Endowment

Checks should be made payable to Holy Cross Catholic School and mailed to:

Holy Cross Catholic School
5202 N. Bowdoin St.
Portland, Oregon 97203

You may also call and we will process your request for a cash gift by credit card.
If you would like to discuss a specific project or program, please call Julie
Johnson, Principal, 503-289-3010.


You can pledge a cash gift amount to be paid over a specific period of time. For example, you may pledge a gift of $25,000 to be paid over three years. To pledge a cash gift to Holy Cross Catholic School, please call Kyra Thompson, Development Director, at 503-240-6785 or Sr. Mary Ryan, Legacy Giving Officer, at 503-830-3328.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many companies match contributions to charitable causes made by employees, officers, directors, and in some cases spouses and/or retired employees, officers, or directors. And since Holy Cross Catholic School has a 501 (c) (3) status, your gift qualifies as a charitable contribution. Don’t miss this opportunity to double or even triple the value of your contribution! Consult your company’s personnel or community relations department for guidelines.

Thank you for your generosity to Holy Cross Catholic School. We, the faculty and staff, are able to fulfill our mission to help students because of your help with tuition assistance. Please remember no gift is too small or too large; each is deeply appreciated and is of vital importance as we keep Catholic education open to every child we serve.