Middle School at Holy Cross

Portland, Oregon

Middle School students at Holy Cross are taking on more challenges and responsibility as they prepare for high school. In addition to academic excellence, they learn time management, productivity and how to advocate for themselves.

We are now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year.

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Program Overview

Twice Daily Outdoor Breaks/Recess

PE Twice a Week

Technology Classes

Middle School Choir

Music Class Three Times A Week

Library & Book Checkout

Weekly Art Classes

Ambassador Program

Extra Curricular/Sports

Spring Electives

Buddy Program

Student Council

Middle School Math Program

Service Team

Speech Team

Middle school students have a dedicated home room teacher that's the home base for all things Holy Cross.  Students focus on schoolwide learning expectations, get to know each other, and take stock of our days, weeks, and lives.  Homeroom is a space to learn, relax, and appreciate the time we have together.

Students also have the opportunity to rotate through different classrooms and teachers for the various subjects as they prepare to go onto high-school.

Holy Cross provides opportunities for student leadership. Student Council, the Ambassador program and Speech team all promote skills that can help them thrive after graduation!

In addition, all middle school students are paired with a younger student - this provides opportunities for responsibility, mentorship and students just love seeing their younger buddies!

The service team at Holy Cross is a shining example of what it means to be community-minded. Not only do they help set up for events, but students on this special group also have opportunities every day in helping out with activities and tasks around the church!

Middle School Social Studies

Ancient history here we come!  6th grade social studies is an awesome opportunity to better understand the origins of civilizations, encounter new cultures, and hone critical thinking skills that allow us to more carefully examine the world around us.

7th social studies picks up right where 6th leaves off.  From a review of Rome, and a deep dive into the Byzantine Empire, students look at early Islamic civilizations as well as medieval China and Japan.  Students will explore the thriving cultures of the Maya and Mexica (Aztecs).  Finally, the class will dip back into Europe to take a look at the dark ages, medieval Europe, and the Renaissance.  Whew!

8th grade starts off by learning about the Protestant Reformation and the Age of Exploration, before we dive into the colonial history of the United States.  Together we will look at the formation of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Students will discuss the successes and failures of early American, culminating in the Civil War, and ending with Reconstruction.

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Middle School Math

Middle schoolers are offered a more interactive and engaging way to learn about math. The Middle School Math program has a dedicated math specialist who help students with their different needs, so they can work on extra challenges if needed or just get extra help.

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Middle School Language Arts

Holy Cross has been recognized as one of the best schools in Oregon for our summer reading program.  We've won Best State Awards from Scholastic, and it's due to early emphasis on developing literacy skills by providing students with books they can take home every week along with weekly library time and participation in OREGON Battle Of Books from 3rd grade onward!

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Middle School Science

Students love middle school science! Holy Cross is committed to helping students develop the skills they need for future success. We use a curriculum that provides an excellent balance between conceptual understanding and applied application, which helps prepare students academically while also broadening their knowledge base through exploration of various sciences!

This upcoming school year we're exploring Physical & Chemical Science- broken into 3 main sections:

  • Matter And Its Interactions;
  • Energy Forces Motion, and
  • Electricity Waves Information Transfer
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Faith Formation at Holy Cross

At Holy Cross, we are proud of our Catholic identity.  We have weekly Mass as a school, and pray in our classrooms. We have religion class every day as part of our curriculum.

Parents ask whether they need to be Catholic to attend Holy Cross, and the answer is no.  We welcome families of all faiths and beliefs.  Parents that are not Catholic or religious have commented on how they appreciate that their children are learning to be kind and caring to others and are excited about the various service projects we do to help our community, even at this young age.

How Do Families Afford Catholic Education?

Holy Cross is a life-changing, unforgettable experience for your child. They will form friendships that last forever and excel academically, spiritually, and in extracurricular activities.  They graduate with a lasting foundation that prepares them to excel throughout their grade school years and on to high school college, and beyond.

Holy Cross helps families afford the gift of education through assistance with applying for financial aid, scholarships and other tuition assistance.

It is very important to us to help all families that want a Holy Cross education for their child.  We never want finances or other barriers to stand in the way. Please reach out - we have been working tirelessly to make sure every family has support available where needed.

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Ready to Apply?

We're excited you're interested in Holy Cross!  Please complete the preliminary application below to determine if there is space available in the grade(s) you are applying for.

If space is available, we will invite you  to complete the next steps, which include ensuring Holy Cross is a good fit for your child and completing remaining paperwork.


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