Middle School


As our Middle School students journey towards high school, they're stepping up to more challenges! Beyond academic excellence, they master the art of time management, supercharge their productivity and leadership, and embrace the empowering skill of self-advocacy.

middle school learning tech

Tech Titans

At the middle school level, students master the art of effective communication by crafting documents and presentations that convey their ideas with clarity and impact. They're also honing their problem-solving skills through engaging coding activities that challenge their creativity and analytical thinking. This comprehensive tech education is not just about staying current with technology; it's about shaping well-rounded individuals who are poised to excel in a digitally-driven world, where effective communication and problem-solving skills are the keys to success.

Holy Cross has invested in technology in every classroom to ensure students have the latest tools - smart boards that turn lessons into interactive adventures, Chromebooks and iPads that transform learning into a touch-and-swipe journey


Language Arts

At Holy Cross Middle School, our Language Arts curriculum, aligned with the rigorous Common Core Standards, are immersed in novels and complex texts, like Shakespearean plays. They unravel layers of meaning and honing their analytical thinking. In discussions, they learn to articulate their thoughts with confidence and precision. and discover the power of language/

By the time they reach 8th grade, witness Shakespearean plays come to life in the heart of Ashland, Oregon, a unique and enriching experience. This annual field trip provides them with a tangible connection to the literary classics they've explored in the classroom.

middle school math


Through customized math groups designed to match individual skill levels, every student benefits from personalized attention and the necessary support to excel in mathematics. We integrate hands-on projects that bring math to life. For instance, students in 6th engage in exciting projects, like building creatures from cardboard, where they not only get creative but also delve into the world of geometry by calculating the surface area of their unique creations. We take it a step further by providing wrapping paper in the exact dimensions of their masterpieces, challenging them to apply their newfound knowledge practically, ensuring they can wrap their creatures with precision.

This engaging experience not only reinforces mathematical concepts but also instills problem-solving skills in a fun and tangible way.

By 8th grade, our students can analyze complex data sets, apply algebraic equations to real-world scenarios, and comprehend geometric principles to solve practical challenges.


Faith Formation

At Holy Cross, we are proud of our Catholic identity. Our students have the wonderful opportunity to be part of the Parish youth group, a vibrant space where they can deepen their faith and connect with a supportive community of peers who share their values and beliefs.

Students take on leadership roles in hosting our Vacation Bible Study, guiding younger participants on their faith journey.

Our classes lead Mass regularly, and students actively participate by taking on various roles in the liturgy each week.

Parents ask whether they need to be Catholic to attend Holy Cross, and the answer is no.  We welcome families of all faiths and beliefs.  Parents that are not Catholic or religious have commented on how they appreciate that their children are learning to be kind and caring to others and are excited about the various service projects we do to help our community, even at this young age.

Extra Curriculars & Student Life

Students can participate CYO sports where they hone athletic skills at a more advanced level in basketball, track, and volleyball. They can also become Student Ambassadors, leaders who give tours to prospective families and represent the school at events.

Our dedicated Student Council provides a platform for students to voice their ideas and initiate positive change within our school community.

Students love our unique trimester electives, including fun options like journalism, textile arts, board game design, and melting and burning art that allow students to develop new interests!

middle school pe

Physical Education

Maintaining Physical Education (PE) at the middle school level is paramount -it helps those who may not participate in outside sports, ensuring that everyone has a weekly opportunity to stay active. It also fosters vital skill development and cooperation.

PE offers a structured curriculum that encompasses various sports and skills, ranging from hockey and basketball to soccer and volleyball. However, it's not just about mastering the rules of the game; it's about instilling the values of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.

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The Arts

Our students are granted a dedicated space in their weekly schedules for artistic exploration in music and art! In art students work with perspective and abstract art, painting vibrant landscapes that mirror their own unique perspectives.

In our weekly music classes, students delve into music theory, sing regularly and explore different instruments.

This year students performed at the advent program using their voices, bells, bucket drums and recorders!

Our Middle School Team

Tyler Soldat Holy Cross

Mr. Soldat, 6th Grade, Social Studies, Tech

Mrs. Defrancia Holy Cross

Mrs. Defrancia, 7th Grade, Math

Mr. Davis Holy Cross

Mr. Davis, 8th Grade, Art, Science

Ms. Ott Holy Cross

Ms. Ott, Language Arts

Catholic Education Is Affordable

Holy Cross is a life-changing, unforgettable experience for your child. They will form friendships that last forever and excel academically, spiritually, and in extracurricular activities.  They graduate with a lasting foundation that prepares them to excel throughout their grade school years and on to high school college, and beyond.

Holy Cross helps families afford the gift of education through assistance with applying for financial aid, scholarships and other tuition assistance.

It is very important to us to help all families that want a Holy Cross education for their child.  We never want finances or other barriers to stand in the way. Please reach out - we have been working tirelessly to make sure every family has support available where needed.

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Deb Voker
Business Manager

Hear from our families!

Holy Cross is jewel among Portland schools. When I took my son to visit his Pre-K class before enrolling, he was immediately and spontaneously welcomed by a class filled with the sweetest kids. As the year pressed on with the advent of COVID, we saw how lucky we were. The teaching through the pandemic has been outstanding as has been the communication and organization. My child is now in Kindergarten and the teaching quality continues to be excellent with a teacher who genuinely loves the children. Critically, the school is my partner in shaping my child's character along with a strong set of core values. My kiddo embraces kindness and thoughtfulness, is excited about reading, math and science and is having so much fun. The school leadership has created a strong sense of community among staff, students and parents that is welcoming to all. We LOVE being a part of it.

Charli T.

Holy Cross is a wonderful school. I’ve been so impressed by the dedication of the teachers and leadership, especially during the pandemic. Our daughter is loved and nurtured at Holy Cross, as well as academically challenged and enriched. We love that Holy Cross has a family-like, down-to-earth atmosphere. When we joined the school 3 years ago, we felt immediately welcomed and included. Holy Cross has plenty of opportunities for service projects, extracurricular clubs, sports and fun community events. There is so much to love about Holy Cross!

Brittany S.