Learning Support Coordinator,
Mrs. Teri-Kay Johnson

“We are the light of the world. . .”
~ Matthew 4:15

My name is Teri-Kay Johnson and I have loved being a part of the Holy Cross School Community for almost twenty years.  Three years ago I followed my heart and moved away from classroom teaching to serve the Holy Cross community as a mentor to guide new teachers in this increasingly challenging and demanding profession.  This mentorship position allowed me to step in and out of the classroom as I worked with newer teachers on classroom techniques, strategies, and the school culture at Holy Cross. I was able to help answer questions, give feedback, address concerns, support, encourage, and validate when needed as I assisted new teachers on their professional journey.


This school year, my position continued to evolve as I became the Learning Support Coordinator to help Holy Cross transition into a more inclusive environment.  I now strive to support students, parents, and teachers in our mission "to serve our diverse community and offer a Catholic education for all children."  I am so thankful for the partnership and patience of so many as Holy Cross continues to expand and develop and I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing journey.

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