Mentor Teacher,
Mrs. Teri-Kay Johnson

“We are the light of the world. . .”
~ Matthew 4:15

My name is Teri-Kay Johnson and I have been a teacher in the Archdiocese of Portland for twenty-two years. The last sixteen of those years have been teaching Kindergarten and First Grade at Holy Cross Catholic School. Even though I still love classroom teaching and working with students on a daily basis, I am listening to a new calling to give back to education in a different way this year.

Over the last twenty years, teaching has become increasingly challenging and demanding. New teachers are in need of mentorship to understand and meet these new requirements and expectations. This year at Holy Cross, I am in a mentorship position that allows me to step in and out of the classroom as I guide newer teachers in classroom techniques, strategies, and the school culture at Holy Cross. I help to answer questions, give feedback, and address the concerns that teachers have. I also support, encourage, and validate when needed. I am very thankful and blessed to be in a position that assists new teachers on their professional journey.

As my position evolves and refines, I also enjoy working with Holy Cross students and faculty in a variety of other ways:

  • I work part of each day in the First Grade, Fourth Grade, and/or Fifth Grade classrooms focusing on enrichment/support in small groups and individual students.
  • I work, when needed, with students who need extra support and guidance at the middle school level.
  • I coordinate and prepare special programs for personal/social growth.
  • I substitute teach and cover individual classes when available.
  • I work with teachers as they go beyond daily lesson plans to develop comprehensive curriculum that incorporates the required standards.
  • I am the Learning Support Coordinator for Holy Cross and work with other teachers around the archdiocese to continue the process of inclusion in the Catholic schools.
  • And, I work with teachers to develop and revise student learning plans for students who need support and students who need to be challenged.

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