Why Donate?

“To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love, For it is in giving that we receive. . .”
~ from The Prayer of Saint Francis


As Sr. Mary shared, I taught for 10 years at a public school in St. Helens and I loved it. It was a good school. Despite that fact, I always knew my own children, Max and Tessa, would come to Holy Cross. Sr. Ruth still laughs when I was having them put on the kindergarten list when they were just 2 years old. My husband and I were determined that our children would not only obtain an excellent academic education, but also a faith-centered education.

This year I had the opportunity to join Holy Cross as the 4th grade teacher. I was thrilled. I already knew how strong the teaching staff was and I welcomed the prospect to work with them. Joining a Catholic school made me think back to my own education provided by the Carmelite Sisters at Our Lady of Grace and that I was about to become more of a teacher now. I know Holy Cross gives its students a rigorous academic education – it is a given that the students are more than ready for the best of high schools. Thinking of Sr. Rosalina and Sr. Delphina, though, made me realize and appreciate that a whole new dimension of teaching was being opened to me. The Carmelite nuns gave me 3 gifts that I now want to impart to my own students. The three gifts are the gift of faith, the gift of family, and the gift of service.

I would like to tell you a story of one of my students, Lexie, and how her story makes these gifts so very real. Her mom knows that I am sharing her story. Lexie is the youngest of 3 girls. The sisters lost their father to cancer 5 years ago. In November, I had the students write a biography of a saint. Lexie chose St. Peregrine . . . . the Patron saint of cancer patients. During this project, Lexie shared with me about her father’s illness and how her family prayed to St. Peregrine daily. Despite her father’s death, Lexie still has faith that God the Father and her own father are still taking care of her and her family – and even more importantly – she has faith that her father is with God, our father.

I have also gotten to know Lexie’s mom. We were riding Tri-met out to Whitaker Pond for a field trip. Her mom spoke with me about her husband’s death. He was her high school sweetheart. He worked outside the home while she took care of the family. Her story was bringing tears to both of her eyes as we were bumping along Lombard. His early death was not something she was prepared for. Yet, she smiled as she described how the Holy Cross family has supported her and all of her girls. The pain of his loss, still so very real, was lightened ever so slightly by the love, comfort, and support of her extended school and church family.

I can only imagine how Lexie will exemplify the gift of service as she grows. She is a kind, sensitive, and compassionate young lady. I believe Lexie will be called in some way to help those who are stricken with cancer. Who knows? She may be the one to find that cure to cancer.

Lexie’s story is a story of loss and strength. It is a story of pain and hope. I like to think that Lexie and her family would receive similar support wherever she went to school. I truly believe, though, that all of these gifts – faith, family, and service – were brought together because Lexie is a student at Holy Cross.

It is a given that Holy Cross provides a rigorous academic education. More importantly, it gives an education of the mind and the heart. It is remarkable that we have these students for nine years and we help, with their families, to form them into faithful citizens, not just for our community, not just for our world – but for Heaven.

We thank you for your generous support. We cannot do this alone. We need and thank you for your continued support.