Fourth Grade,
Ms. Marisa Rieber

“To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love, For it is in giving that we receive. . .”
~ from The Prayer of Saint Francis

My name is Marisa Rieber and I am very excited to be teaching 4th grade at Holy Cross this year! I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, with a degree in psychology. After college, I joined the PACE program through the University of Portland, so I got to spend the last two years teaching fourth grade in Honolulu while returning to Portland in the summers for graduate courses. I graduated with my Master of Arts in Teaching in early August 2017. In my free time, I love reading, baking, and swimming. I am thrilled to be joining the Holy Cross community, and I look forward to a year full of learning, laughter, and kindness!

"We are the light of the world." Matthew 5:14

Important Dates

Thursday, 4/19 - Jogathon

Friday, 4/20 - 4th Grade Mass

Service Project

We are writing to Sister Mary Ryan and the other sisters in the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary! Each month the students send a little card and craft. The sisters love these monthly notes and the students enjoy receiving their thank you notes in the mail!

What's Coming Up This Month?

Language Arts   

What can we learn from biographies?

How can we write clear, organized, persuasive writing?


How do we find equivalent fractions, simplify fractions, and compare them? How do we convert improper fractions to mixed numbers, and vice versa? What does all that even mean?!


What are the Ten Commandments and how can we follow them?


How is energy stored and converted?

Social Studies

How did Oregon become a state?

Helpful Websites

Skill Practice

Khan Academy: K-12 interactive exercises and tutorials for a wide array of subjects. Your child will have a custom learning dashboard that lets him or her practice skills based on the individual level. Students can see how they’re doing and also receive fun rewards along the way like badges and points.

NCTM Illuminations: K-12 activities and games for nearly every math topic. Look under "lessons" and select grades 3-5, or explore the challenging brain teasers.

Fun Educational Games

BrainPOP’s GameUp: highly vetted free educational games for K-12 on a variety of topics. BrainPOP’s collection focuses on higher-level thinking skills and critical thinking include topics such as coding and STEM skills.

Sheppard Software: has top-quality games for every subject spanning PreK-8. Fun and easy to use. There are ads on the site, so be sure to remind your child not to click on anything to the left or right of the game.