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At Holy Cross, faith isn't just a subject; it's our very essence. While we wear our Catholic identity with pride, we also warmly embrace and respect those of different faith traditions. In our halls, diverse spiritual journeys converge, but our mission remains constant: to provide an education that fosters spiritual growth, moral integrity, and a deep, unifying connection to God.

Why Faith Formation Matters

  • A Lifelong Foundation: At Holy Cross, we instill a deep-rooted understanding of faith principles that remain with our students long after they leave our halls. This spiritual foundation provides them with guidance, comfort, and resilience, helping them navigate challenges.
  • Community Building: Building a sense of community is more crucial than ever. Faith Formation brings together students from diverse backgrounds. Through shared prayers, service projects, and spiritual dialogues, students learn the power of unity, respect, and mutual understanding. It's here that they discover that despite our varied stories, our shared faith binds us all.
  • Service & Compassion: Through community outreach initiatives, service projects, and simple daily acts of kindness, students embody the essence of compassion, realizing that the highest form of faith is in selfless service to others.
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Holy Cross is more than a school; it's a vibrant parish community that stands as a testament to our shared faith and commitment. With regular Masses and community events, our parish nurtures the spiritual life of both families and individuals.

Youth Group

Embark on a transformative journey of faith, friendship, and discovery. Our Youth Group engages young minds through discussions, outreach projects, retreats, and more. It's where faith meets fellowship.

L.I.F.T. - Living in Faith Together

Discover L.I.F.T., the heartbeat of teen programs at Holy Cross Parish. Catering to our vibrant young community from 7th to 12th grade, L.I.F.T. offers a spectrum of activities and groups designed to nourish the spirit, foster friendships, and instill leadership.

LIFT Jr. High: Specifically tailored for our teens in grades 7 and 8. Join us on Sunday mornings (between Masses) from 10:15-11:45am. It's an enriching space for our younger teens to bond, share, and grow in faith.

LIFT Varsity: High schoolers, this one's for you! For grades 9 through 12, our Varsity Youth Group meets every Sunday morning (between Masses) from 10:15-11:45am. Dive into discussions, activities, and faith-based fellowship. No registration required; we welcome all with open arms.

LIFT Confirmation Preparation: Ready to solidify your commitment? This group, serving teens from grades 7 to 12, offers dedicated preparation for the final Sacrament of Initiation. [Link: Dive deeper on the LIFT High School Page]

LIFT Leadership Team: Rise to the challenge with our LIFT Leadership Team. Comprising teen leaders who've received their Confirmation and are actively engaged in our parish, these young visionaries help orchestrate events and act as ambassadors of faith in our community.

For more information and up to date scheduling please visit the L.I.F.T Program.


We celebrate and honor the Catholic sacraments, guiding students and families through these milestones of spiritual growth — Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, and Reconciliation. Each sacrament is a stepping stone, deepening our connection to God and the community.

Education in the Classroom

Faith isn't confined to just religious studies. Every classroom at Holy Cross echoes our Catholic values, ensuring students view subjects through the lens of faith, compassion, and ethics. Our educators weave moral and spiritual teachings into daily lessons, fostering holistic growth.