Video Training – Executive Functioning During Covid-19

Get control of your brain and your days to avoid the meltdowns.

Executive function is a set of skills we use daily to learn better, plan better, and manage daily life. Executive function has often been described as the “management system of the brain”.

When children struggle with executive function, it affects their well being at home, in school, and in life.

“In this new world of COVID-19, everybody’s executive functions are out of wack. Fear and uncertainty have the amygdala in overdrive, pumping the stress hormone cortisol into our brains.

That chemical cocktail sends us into our automatic fight, flight or freeze response. It is important to remember that a brain flooded with cortisol shuts down access to the prefrontal cortex.

That is the center of the brain for our executive functioning, or our “wise” brain, where we calmly make decisions and problem-solve. We cannot think when we have a flooded brain.” – Marydee Sklar

Marydee Sklar, spent twenty years developing the Seeing My Time Program®, an innovated approach to building the executive function skills of time management, planning and organization. Executive Functioning Success offers books and training on the Seeing My Time Program® for therapists and educators, as well as direct services to families and individuals around the world who suffer from executive function challenges.

Marydee came to Holy Cross this year to present an executive functioning workshop for our families, and is back with a video training to help students calmly make decisions and problem solve.

These tips will help you get control of your brain and your days so there isn’t complete meltdown.


1. Strategies to calm your brain
2. Ideas for limiting stressors
3. Tips to create order with structures and predictability
4. Encouraging mental flexibility
5. How to include exercise even if you are home bound
6. The value of social connections, even at a distance
7. Suggestions to positively use unexpected “free” time


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