Building More Movement into the School Day!

By Mrs. Brant, PE Teacher, Holy Cross

In a world where digital screens dominate, physical activity remains critical to the health and wellbeing of growing children. Holy Cross is committed to integrating movement into every aspect of the school day, bucking the trend of reduced physical education (PE) classes and limited recess times in schools. 

The Decline of Physical Activity in Schools

In recent years, there has been growing concern over the declining emphasis on physical education and recess in schools. Budget constraints, standardized testing pressures, and shifting priorities have led to the reduction or elimination of PE classes and recess breaks in many schools. This concerning trend has raised alarms among educators, parents, and health professionals alike, as the lack of physical activity has been linked to a host of health issues and academic challenges.

Taking a Different Approach….

Against this backdrop, Holy Cross School stands out as a trailblazer in promoting active learning. Recognizing the many benefits of physical activity, we weave movement into as much of our students’ daily routine.

1. Weekly PE Classes: Unlike schools that have cut down on or eliminated PE classes, Holy Cross places a strong emphasis on regular physical education. With dedicated PE classes every week, students engage in a wide range of activities that not only keep them physically fit but also foster teamwork, discipline, and confidence.

We’ve reimagined our PE classes to be a dynamic blend of skill-building, fun, and team camaraderie. Our innovative PE curriculum takes traditional sports like hockey, volleyball, and basketball and infuses them with excitement, ensuring that every student not only learns the fundamentals but also develops a genuine passion for being active. 

For our younger students, we’ve designed engaging and interactive games that promote motor skills, coordination, and teamwork. These games, carefully crafted to be both entertaining and educational, lay the foundation for a lifelong love of movement and physical activity. Through our forward-thinking approach to PE, we aim to equip our students with not only the skills to excel in various sports but also the enthusiasm to lead active and healthy lives.

2. Twice-Daily Recesses: Holy Cross understands that children need regular breaks to recharge and move around. We offer not one, but two recess periods each day. These breaks provide students with opportunities to play, socialize, and burn off excess energy, ultimately contributing to improved focus and engagement in the classroom.

3. Innovative Classroom Design: Holy Cross has gone beyond traditional classroom setups by incorporating ergonomic and movement-friendly furniture. Chairs that allow for fidgeting and subtle movement enable students to release excess energy without causing distractions. This approach acknowledges that physical activity and learning can coexist harmoniously.

The Health and Educational Benefits

This holistic approach of integrating movement into curriculum yields numerous benefits that extend beyond physical fitness. Studies have shown that regular physical activity has a positive impact on cognitive functions, memory retention, and academic performance. By providing ample opportunities for students to move and play, Holy Cross is nurturing not only healthy bodies but also agile minds.


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