Eighth Grade,
MS Science/Art 3-8, Mr. Keegan Davis

“To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love, For it is in giving that we receive. . .”
~ from The Prayer of Saint Francis

Davis, Keegan

Mr. Keegan Davis, MS Science/Art 3-8

Contact Mr. Davis

I am North Portland born and bred. Grew up just blocks from the historic St. Johns Bridge and have called St. Johns home nearly my entire life. I attended Holy Cross School as a student from first grade through eighth. Then I went off to Central Catholic High School and, because I couldn't get enough of North Portland I attended The University of Portland twice! I am now in my 16th year as a teacher at Holy Cross and am very much looking forward to the opportunity once again! In my free time I enjoy golfing and going on family bike rides!

Google Classrooms

For security purposes, I am not providing the links to Google Classroom here. I have emailed parents the link to their child's Google Classroom. If you need me to send the link again, please let me know! Students have already been invited to their Google Classroom, the invitation can be found in their Holy Cross Gmail.

Google Classroom will be the Learning Management System (LMS) that your child will use for Distance Learning. All information will be included on this platform. I may be using other platforms such as SeeSaw, various Google Apps and more. All necessary links for these additional platforms will be included on Google Classroom. In simplest terms, everything your child needs can be found in one spot!

Unfamiliar with Google Apps? Click HERE to access tutorial videos and helpful instructions on how to maneuver the Google Apps that we will be using this year.



This year we will continue to use our Smithsonian Science Education Center Curriculum. The very general and broad topic this year (2022-2023)  will be Life Science. This will be broken up into 3 main sections that we will explore:

- Structure and Function

- Genes and Molecular Machines

- Ecosystems and Their Interactions

How To Use Google Classroom

This 6 minute tutorial video will address the following questions/topics:

    • How to get to Google Classroom (0:13)
    • How to view your work (0:26)
    • How to see your grade (0:40)
    • How to see what assignments have been assigned/graded/are missing (0:45)
    • How to access the "To-Do" list (1:15)
    • What to find under "Classwork" (1:57)
    • What the icons mean (2:20)
    • How to turn in assignments (3:15)
    • Attaching a file (3:50)
    • Rubric explanation (5:02)


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