6th Grade, MS Social Studies
Mr. Tyler Soldat

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
~ Saint Augustine

Mr. Soldat

Welcome to Social Studies!  My name is Tyler Soldat and I am the sixth grade homeroom teacher at Holy Cross.  After brief interludes in Washington, DC and eastern Washington State, my family and I are now back for good in Portland!  I have B.A. degrees in both History and Religious Philosophy from Central Washington University, and M.A. degrees in World History and Teaching from George Mason University and University of Portland, respectively.  This will be my first year at Holy Cross (though I student-taught here last year) and I am so excited to see the students I got to know over zoom last year.

When I’m not teaching, I’m hanging out with my awesome family in Forest Park or on Sauvie Island picking berries.  My daughter is in first grade and my son is in Pre-K here at Holy Cross as well, so you may see them from time to time.  I’m a big baseball fan and I would gladly talk your ear off about how disappointing the Seattle Mariners were in [insert any year after 2001 here].  I will be teaching a slate of classes to both grade school and middle school, but if you are in sixth grade you will see me a lot!

This year I will be teaching the following courses:
4th Grade:  Technology
5th Grade:  Technology
6th Grade:  Homeroom | Social Studies | Grammar | Seminar
7th Grade:  Social Studies | Seminar
8th Grade:  Social Studies

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 4th Grade Technology:

4th grade technology is all about getting used to Google Applications.  We will cover a wide array of online technology in the Google Suite, from Docs to Drawings.  Students will learn about what it means to be a digital citizen, and how to identify and report online bullying.  We will practice typing, coding, and review some aspects of hardware.  Technology may look a bit different this year due to COVID-19 policies in place, but we will make the best of it!

5th Grade Technology:

Just like 4th grade, this year will look a bit different for 5th grade technology.  We may not travel down to the technology room, but our resources at Holy Cross allow us to have access to all sorts of fantastic technology in our rooms.  We will work on projects this year from making interactive Google Slides presentations to conducting thorough and referenced research projects.

6th Grade:


Let’s start the year off right!  I’m very excited to get to know our new middle schoolers and work together to make this transition as smooth as possible.  This will be our home base for all things Holy Cross.  We will work on our SLEs, practice for Mass, get to know each other, and take stock of our days, weeks, and lives.  Homeroom is a space where we can learn, relax, and appreciate the time we have together.

Social Studies:

Ancient history here we come!  6th grade social studies is an awesome opportunity to better understand the origins of civilizations, encounter new cultures, and hone critical thinking skills that allow us to more carefully examine the world around us.  This year should take us from the beginnings of agrarian civilizations up to (and hopefully through) the Roman Empire.


This year we are adding some flavor to our standard Language Arts instruction.  We will be incorporating grammar instruction into our weekly routine and will have time carved out to dive deeper into the complicated rules of the English language.  We will also use this class as a way to assist with writing and editing written assignments in other subjects.


The transition to Middle School can be a difficult one, especially when it comes to organization.  We will use our time in seminar to discover and practice organizational and planning skills to set students up for long-term success.  We use the Seeing My Time process developed by Marydee Sklar to learn about time management, meeting deadlines, as well as our own brain development.  This is the stuff I wish I learned when I was younger!

7th Grade Social Studies:

7th social studies picks up right where 6th leaves off.  We will start with a review of Rome, and then delve into the Byzantine Empire.  We will look at early Islamic civilizations as well as medieval China and Japan.  Students will explore the thriving cultures of the Maya and Mexica (Aztecs).  Finally, the class will dip back into Europe to take a look at the dark ages, medieval Europe, and the Renaissance.  Whew!

8th Grade Social Studies:

8th grade starts off by learning about the Protestant Reformation and the Age of Exploration, before we dive into the colonial history of the United States.  Together we will look at the formation of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Students will discuss the successes and failures of early American, culminating in the Civil War, and ending with Reconstruction.  I love this class because it offers students an opportunity to better understand how the governmental systems of our country work so that our 8th graders can be prepared to one day take part in the process!

Faith Formation

Our 2020-2021 school theme is LOVE bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 1Corinthians 13:7