Under God’s Protective Care

As we move into a new week with no publicly celebrated Masses in western Oregon, including here at Holy Cross, please continue to pray for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. These days, which have brought the breakneck speed of the world to a sudden halt, are an opportunity for each one of us to reflect (in a new way) upon what God is saying to us about our world and about our lives. Let us take this opportunity to turn back to the Lord with all our hearts.

School News: Please keep all the students and staff of our school in your prayers. Adjusting to this new reality has been difficult for many. Our instructors, school staff, parents, and administrators have done a phenomenal job to meet and overcome the challenges of this crisis. May God be with them and with our children. On a conference call with our teachers and Mrs. Johnson, we prayed:


“O God,

our refuge in trials and distress,

our strength in sickness,

and our comfort in sorrow,

spare us, your people, we pray,

in order that, though facing true hardship now,

we may find relief at last,

though your loving and tender mercy.

Under your protective care,

may you guide us, our students, and our families,

into your abundant peace and your abiding joy.

Through Christ our Lord

who lives and reigns with you forever and ever. Amen.”

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