September 21: St. Matthew

Jesus calls us for a purpose. He has called us through our Baptism, He has called us by stirring our hearts in a spirit of repentance, He has forgiven us our sins, and He has welcomed us as members of the Kingdom.

We dare not forget that Jesus calls us daily through His Holy Word, through our families and friends,  and through the Church. He calls us to be His disciples and, so, to turn away from all the things that distract us and draw us away from our Father and the Kingdom that awaits us. As has been true for all those who have gone before us, we, too, are expected to proclaim Christ through our lives by living in virtue, especially by reaching out to the unwanted and the marginalized in society and doing so with Christ’s love, mercy, and compassion.


September 21 marks the Feastday of St. Matthew (Gospel writer and Apostle). Let us pray. “God of mercy, you chose the tax collector St. Matthew to share the dignity of the Apostles. By his example and prayers help us follow Christ your Son and remain faithful in your service. Continue to guide us in your love and nourish our faith by the preaching and intercession of your holy ones. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

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