September 11: Dona nobis pacem. Lord, grant us peace.

As we solemnly remember the events of September 11, 2001, we continue to pray for all those who died that day and who have died since. We pray as well for surviving family members and friends. And we pray, too, for our nation and our world – that God’s healing will come to us, more and more, with each passing year.

FDNY Chaplain Fr. Mychal Judge was among the thousands who died on 9/11. The day prior to the terrorist attack, Fr. Mychal shared these words in his daily Mass homily: “Good days. And bad days. Up days. Down days. Sad days. Happy days. But never a boring day on this job. You do what God has called you to do. You show up. You put one foot in front of another. You get on the rig and you go out and you do the job—which is a mystery. And a surprise. You have no idea when you get on that rig. No matter how big the call. No matter how small. You have no idea what God is calling you to. But He needs you. He needs me. He needs all of us.”

God still needs all of us! So, make time to pray today:

“Lord of Mercy, Prince of Peace, this day does not pass in the calendar without our remembering. We remember images of death and destruction; images that human eyes were never meant to see. We remember words our ears were never meant to hear, the tender last words of husbands and wives who would never embrace again. We imagine the feeling of emptiness in the arms of children who at the end of the day could not find mom or dad for their welcome home hug. We remember our own feelings of emptiness as our sense of security, as our own confidence in the predictable order of life and work was radically shaken. We remember the heroism of the many who lost their lives in saving others. We remember all those who suffered and died, we grieve for them still, friends and strangers alike, along with their families and friends. It is right that this day should not pass from our memory. But along with our remembrance of profound loss, it also seems right that we should give voice to our deep longing for peace, and so we commit ourselves to those actions that will draw us closer to our most ancient and most holy desire: peace among all God’s children. Dona nobis pacem. Lord, grant us peace. Amen.”

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