Scripture Reflection for the Month of May

As we continue to pray for a solution to our situation let us remember the Word has so much to offer us in comfort and peace. We will be having a Zoom meeting this Saturday at 9 AM. If you would like to join us just email me at and I will send you the link.

Allowing scripture to sooth, inform and help us on our journey is an avenue to allowing God to guide and inform us. Take a moment and allow God to speak to your heart. The example of the many saints that have allowed God to touch their hearts through scripture encourages us to continue to seek God’s presence in the Word. Matthew Kelly, a well known author says “Why don’t people read the bible anymore? Because it has the power to change our lives.” Our lives in the past 6 weeks have been changed and we need to move forward to what’s next. Allow the Scripture to give you the guidance to move to the next step.

Below are the readings for the month of May.

Fourth Sunday of Easter

May 3rd First Reading: Acts of Apostles 2:14a, 36-41, Responsorial Psalm:  23, Second Reading            1 Peter 2:20b-25, Gospel John 10:1-10

Fifth Sunday of Easter

May 10, Mother’s Day Weekend First Reading: Acts of the Apostles 6:1-7, Responsorial Psalm: 33, Second Reading: 1 Peter 2:4-9, Gospel John 14:1-12

Sixth Sunday of Easter

First Reading: Acts of the Apostles 8:5-8, 14-17, Responsorial Psalm: 66, Second Reading: 1 Peter 3: 15-18, Gospel: John 14:15-21

Ascension of the Lord

First Reading: Acts of the Apostles 1:1-11, Responsorial Psalm: 47,                                                      Second Reading: Ephesians 1:17-23, Gospel: Matthew 28:16-20


Pentecost Vigil First Reading: Genesis 11:1-9, Responsorial Psalm: 33,                                                Second Reading: Exodus 19:3-8a, 16-20b, Responsorial Psalm: Daniel 3:52-56, Third Reading:              Ezekiel 37:1-14, Responsorial Psalm: 107, Fourth Reading: Joel 3:1-5, Responsorial Psalm: 104, Epistle: Romans 8:22-27, Gospel: John 7:37-39

Pentecost Sunday Day First Reading: Acts of the Apostles 2:1-11, Responsorial Psalm: 104, Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 12: 3b-7, 12-13, Gospel John 20:19-23

If you can take time to read this before Saturday. This is late notice but things have been a little upside down recently. If not just come and we will reflect together. Contact me at if you would like the link to the Zoom Meeting or with questions.

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