Psalm 118

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice in it and be glad.” Psalm 118,24

How do we typically start the day? Do we say, “it’s just another day” … or “thank you God, it’s ANOTHER DAY”?  We know well that today is not “just another day.” It’s a new day, a different day, a day that’s never dawned before in all of human history – and will never come again. It’s a new day challenging us to do what is just, to love what is good, and to walk humbly – right by God’s side.
Today offers us a fresh start, a second chance, a clean slate, and a new beginning! This brand new day is: a gift to be opened, a story to be written, an opportunity to be taken, and a mystery to be lived.

So let us pray that the Lord will open us up to all the peace and happiness He might offer us today. May the Lord be our strength if this day brings its share of 
troubles, trials, and tears. May the Lord give us a heart to spend this day in serving others in some way and, in serving others, may we serve Him.

“Help us remember, Lord: this isn’t “just another day,” it’s ANOTHER DAY! It is a day that you have made, a brand new day, indeed! Amen.”

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