Our Lenten Promise Tree

This Lent, our parish programs have united to support our youth in their Lenten journeys. Each child and teen across our programs come up with a Lenten promise to guide them through the season of Lent. English Religious Education, Spanish Religious Education, Jr. High Youth Group, High School Youth Group, Confirmation classes, and RCIA all participated. Our Lenten Promise Tree has slips from children, teens, and young adults, filled with promises for this season. Some examples of promises:

  • I will give up ice cream.
  • Ayudar a mi mama.
  • No Netflix.
  • I will pray the rosary each day.

In our planning of the tree, we realized that this season of Lent encompasses so many important opportunities to purify our hearts, to simply our lives, and to grow closer to Jesus. During Lent, we have three First Reconciliation services, a Teen Penance Service, and several parish-wide Lenten opportunities. We wanted to give our young people (and all the adults) a focal point to bring us back to our promises during Lent. We wanted this tree to stand in our community, guiding our way along in our communal and personal journeys.


We invite everyone to come and read some of the slips on the tree. We hope and pray that our Lenten Promise Tree will help all of our parishioners and guests to remember what this season is all about: opening our hearts to Jesus, striving to grow in our relationship with him, and unifying us all in our Lenten mission!

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