October 29: Keeping the Sabbath Holy

Sunday is the day which is at the very heart of the Christian life. Do we, however, think of Sunday that way, or as just a day off from work or a day when we have to go to Mass?

Sunday is the day of Christ’s Resurrection, a weekly celebration of Easter, the day on which we uniquely celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death – and the dawn of the new creation. Our whole Christian faith rests on this fundamental event, absolutely unique in human history: the Resurrection of Jesus. We can say with the Old Testament Psalmist every Sunday: “This is the day which the Lord has made: let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118, 24)

Do we use Sunday, instead, as the day when we cram together all of the other “previously delayed chores?” Do we deny ourselves a chance to truly rest? Knowing that there will always be stuff to do, can we nonetheless (and very intentionally) use our Sunday for reading, spending time outside, going for a walk, engaging in good conversation, cooking a good meal, enjoying a hobby, or entering into prayer? Might these things leave us feeling truly restored … and isn’t that one of the goals of the Sabbath?

Let’s be honest: What does Sunday usually look like for us? Do we make it a time of rest, leisure, and focusing on the Lord? How can we better use our Sunday to focus on the Lord and seek the rest He desires for us?

Let us pray. “Lord, help us to make every Sabbath about you. Quiet our hearts, give rest to our souls, and refocus our spirits—for true renewal comes only from you and you alone. Please help us to be intentional with our time and worship, and encourage us to find rest in your love and protection. In you Holy Name we pray. Amen.” 

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