November 27: Portland’s Own Sanctuary/The Grotto

On May 29, 1924, three thousand people gathered for the first Mass and Dedication of the Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother. At the blessing, Archbishop Alexander Christie offered this prayer: “Let this be a sanctuary of peace for all peoples of the earth, and surely in this day a sanctuary is needed. Torn with differences, strife, and grief, the world needs sanctuary where the human spirit can seek peace and consolation.” As we say today, these words have “aged well!”

While the gardens at the Grotto are presently closed, the Servite Priests are offering each day a series of photographs highlighting something special about their Sanctuary. Today’s theme is A Place of History. The Grotto was founded in 1924 by Servite Fr. Ambrose Mayer, a part of the same Servite Order that served Assumption Parish for many generations. Please visit their website to discover how it all began.

The Grotto (A Place of History):

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