November 25: What Does Not Change?

We live in a world of flux, of rapid and bewildering change: changes in society, changes in the Church, “miracles and menaces” of digital wizardry! Many people find change disconcerting and unsettling. In the midst of such challenging change, isn’t it true that we need some kind of spiritual anchor, some solid truths that can be trusted? Isn’t it also true that we find change easier to manage if at least some things remain the same?

Jesus told His first followers (and He continues to tell us) to expect change, and not just gradual change, as in the seasons of the year, but change on a cosmic scale and hugely significant change. In Luke 21, 29-33 and elsewhere, He talks of heaven and earth passing away, the most radical change of all. Then He promises that something will never change: “My words will never pass away.” Throughout all of life, the Word of the Lord remains a constant, because God is faithful. In the midst of flux, the Lord and His Word remain, they abide. When all else is whirling around us, our connection with God, our trust in Him, keeps us steady and on course to meet God face to face, now and in the end.

Let us pray. “God of love, you are with us always. As we enter into each new day, we recall your compassion, presence, and abounding care for us. We thank you for the experiences that have brought us to this present moment and we ask that you be with us as we move forward, rejoicing with you and supporting one another. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

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