November 1: Novena for All Souls (Day 8)

Many of those whom we remember in this Novena, on All Souls Day, and throughout the month of November were long ago perfected by God’s mercy and welcomed to their places in heaven. We remember and pray for them, too, along with all those who still need our prayerful assistance. The Second Book of Maccabees in the Old Testament says this “is a good and holy thing to do.”

Let us continue to remember all those who have gone to their rest in the hope of rising again, including the clergy and Religious who have preceded us in death. Let us also remember Jesus, our brother, who died for us and rose and opened the door to His Father’s house and prepared for each of us a dwelling place of peace. It is an honor and an important duty to spiritually assist the faithful departed!

Opening Prayer: “Merciful God, during this Novena of prayer, we remember all those who have died. We pray for their joyful reunion with you, their loving Creator. You raised your Son from the dead that all may share in His joyful Resurrection. So, as your Son has commanded, we reach out in prayer for the benefit of all those who have gone before us. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.”

Sunday: The Glorious Mysteries (The Resurrection of the Lord, His Ascension into Heaven, the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon Mary and the Apostles, the Assumption of Mary, and her Crowing as Queen of Heaven and Earth)

Prayer for Day: “God of blessings, source of all holiness, the voice of your Spirit has drawn countless men and women to follow Jesus Christ and to bind themselves to you with a ready will and a loving heart. Look with mercy on the clergy and Religious who sought to fulfill their vows to you, and grant them the eternal reward promised to all good and faithful servants. May they rejoice in the company of the saints and with them praise you for ever. Amen.”

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