March 9: The Source of All Grace

There are countless people today who want some special signs from God in order to believe. Perhaps we are occasionally among them! But we have the Sacramental life, we have the Good News of the entire Bible, and we have the treasure of living in the presence of Jesus among us – all the time. Do we really need any more? We have all the guidance we need to lead the kind of life which will ensure we spend our future existence in the company of God’s holy ones in the joy of the Kingdom.

The “life of grace” here on earth is measured not by wealth, status, or power, but in caring and sharing relationships. In a world of extreme consumerism, hedonism and individualism, this Lenten season has a very important message: those who are truly rich are those who enrich the lives of others.

Let us pray. “O God, you are the author of every mercy and of all goodness; you are the source of all grace. In the fasting, prayer, and almsgiving to which you have invited us, help us to recognize our need for you and you alone. Guide us, we pray, through the remaining weeks of this holy season and bring us one day to the glory of your presence, along with your saints, where you live and reign forever and ever. Amen.”

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