March 31: Becoming Like Christ

Following Christ means becoming more and more like Him. But let’s face it, for many of us, we struggle mightily when it comes to keeping that at the top of our “to-do list.” Making it the highest priority in our lives takes constant work. We often whine and complain that it is supremely difficult. Nonetheless, since we know that following humbly after Christ is the only road to true happiness, there are many things that we can do, things we can embrace, to help us. The Lord teaches us some of these things during Lent … and He has been teaching them to us this Lent.  Through His life, death, and Resurrection, Jesus is the perfect example of the following:

Obedience – Jesus was obedient to the Father’s will till the very end. We too are called to be obedient to the Father, the Church, and to those who care for us.

Courage – In the face of persecution, fear, and the unknown, Jesus lived with heroic courage in following His call. We too are called to live with courage in choosing a life of faith, hope, and love, in the midst of all the suffering and hurting that surround us.

Suffering – The Passion and death of the Lord speak for themselves. The cost of our salvation was a terrific price. Jesus embraced His suffering and carried His cross so that we might have life. We too must be prepared to suffer with joy at what we are called to do, as suffering gives true life to the world.

Jesus came into our world (and still comes into it) and lived (and lives) to show us that there is “a better way.” Are we prepared to trust Him?

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