March 30: Holy Week (Holy Saturday / Sábado Santo)

A Prayer for the Day of Waiting in Silence

O God, every dawn begins a holy day, a new beginning, a new chapter in the story of your love for us. This day is unique because we are remembering that your Son was laid in a tomb after suffering and dying for us. This day of waiting and silence is, still, a solemn, joyful time to remember and celebrate the love He  poured out for us.

Only you, Lord our God, know how you want to teach and touch us today. Open our minds and hearts to what you have in store for us. Encourage us to spend time with you in prayer. Be with us in the waiting and silence and fill us with your hope.

Over the long Lenten journey you have opened your heart to us, Lord. The passion, the agony, and the desperate grief of Good Friday  have given way to numbness and absence in this time in between. We ask you now, on this Holy Saturday, to keep us close to you. In your great love and mercy, please hear our prayer. Amen.


El Sábado Santo es un día en el que no se celebra la Eucaristía, la Misa (hasta la Vigilia Pascual). Es un día dedicado al silencio.

Después de toda esta historia que hemos recordado y revivido estos días de Semana Santa, quizás conviene un momento de silencio y reposo que nos permita reflexionar, pensar, digerir, y asimilar tantos acontecimientos tan centrales para nuestra fe.

Nuestra tarea hasta la primera Misa de Pascua (la Vigilia): Guardar silencio y dejar que la esperanza llene nuestro corazón al tiempo que reposamos todo lo vivido y recordado estos días.

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