March 21: Baptismal Promises

At the coming Easter Vigil Mass (or the Easter Sunday Mass), all of us will renew our Baptismal  promises and we will be sprinkled with the Easter water to remind us of our Baptism and our commitment to our promises (whether we made them ourselves or our parents and Godparents first made them for us at a Baptismal font).

The renewal of our Baptismal promises at Easter is a sometimes overlooked feature of the Easter liturgies. The renewal of these promises is a series of questions asking us to renounce Satan, his works, and all of his worldly displays. The series of questions also asks us about our beliefs in God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the Resurrection of Christ, and life everlasting. One of the many aims of the Lenten season is this renewal of these promises – with the hope that we might declare with all the more vigor this year what we have turned away from (sin) and to whom we are turning now (God).

Renewing our Baptismal promises is a public and definitive way of showing our loyalty to Christ and His Church. May the remaining days of this holy season help us make a heartfelt and total commitment to Him and His people this Easter.

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