March 14: A Journey of Spiritual Renewal

“…completely in God’s hands.”

One of the common “mistakes” we make in Lent is thinking that we have to do things “to win God’s favor.” Once we put ourselves completely in God’s hands, He will take care of us.

Pope Francis has described Lent as a “journey of spiritual renewal in the footsteps of Christ – who placed Himself in the Father’s hands and trusted in the Father’s every promise.” During this season, we are called to respond to the grace already given, turning our hearts and minds back to God, returning to the Lord – who offers us the gift of His merciful love.

For reflection: “Conversion” means changing the direction of our lives and turning around to walk more faithfully along the path of Christ. A conversion can be radical and sudden, characterized by an overwhelming experience which changes one’s life completely. However, conversion does not have to be dramatic and it is not simply an isolated event. It is often part of a lifelong spiritual journey that is slow and difficult. It is first and foremost a conversion of heart, inspired by God’s goodness. May God continue to bless our Lenten journey – as we place ourselves in His hands.

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