March 13: Fasting Revisited

Lenten Focus: Fasting is a form of sacrifice, where we intentionally deprive ourselves of something and offer up that inconvenience in union with Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross. This is one of two purposes for our fast during Lent.

The second purpose of our fast is to remove something from our lives in order to make more “space” for Christ. This hunger or desire we feel for this earthly thing is meant to help us recognize our need for the Lord. For example, if we are struggling to pray every day, we could fast from social media and replace that time with prayer, holy reading, or reflection. We could say “Come, Holy Spirit” every time we walk through a door (instead of doing so mindlessly). We could give up buying coffee out. We could go on errands, to work, or to school without music or news on the radio.

Let us pray. “O God, through your Holy Word and through the disciplines of Lent you reconcile us to yourself in a wonderful way. Stir up in us, especially when we “go without something,” firm devotion and eager faith. Continue to guide us along the Lenten path to the joy that awaits us at Easter. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

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