Let All the Earth Cry Out to God with Joy

These last six weeks have caused us to stop what we considered a normal life. Our homes, our workplaces, and our habits have changed. Many of us desire a haircut! We need to wear masks when going out, including to the store. Many are spending more time with family. To say the least, much has changed. But, what has not changed is that God remains the constant of our lives. His love has surrounded us in great and small and consistent ways.

While mostly confined to our homes, we can still get food, we can get medicine, and we can communicate with our loved ones, “buddies,” and neighbors. Let’s be grateful for those things.

Granted, the former pace of our lives has slowed, allowing us to experience life and family in a refreshed way. Is this actually making us more compassionate, kinder, and loving toward others? Are we  caring for ourselves a better? These six weeks have been tough in many ways, yet they have taught us and will continue to teach us many things. For example, we have experienced blessings beyond measure. Let’s use those blessings, as Matthew Kelly would say, to become a better version of ourselves. There are, indeed, many things to be grateful for: “Let all the earth cry out to God with joy!” (Psalm 66)

Inspired by Fr. Don Siple, OSM, at the Grotto:



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