June 25: Christ’s Light Shines

We are, each of us, a lantern, and God shines through everything we are and everything we do. This light shines with all the more brightness when we make a decision to live our lives for God with purpose and intention.

And yet, isn’t it much harder to keep our own lights shining than to feed the flames of those we love? Sustaining the flame in our own lamps is a test of self-recognized worth each and every day, of seeing ourselves the way Jesus sees us, as beloved and valued. Jesus calls us to care for and love others, but we must be mindful of caring for and loving ourselves, too.

Is it hard to believe in ourselves the way God does? Let’s take comfort: God has never doubted the flame sustaining our lamps. Never!

Let us pray. “Grant, O Lord, that we may always revere and love your precious gift of life, for you never deprive us of your guidance; you set us firm on the foundation of your love. Keep us faithful to your Way. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son. Amen.”


We pray for relief from the heat this weekend: “O God, as the heat of summer intensifies and the temperatures rise, we pray for those without air conditioning or electricity, clean water, and health care. For all of our neighbors in “survival mode,” give them the neighbors and resources to not only survive, but to thrive and remain grateful for your care. And, Lord, remind us to give you a drink when we see you thirsty. Amen.”

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