July 27: A Penitential Pilgrimage

Pope Francis is making a “pastoral visit” to Canada this week, focused on Indigenous Healing and Reconciliation. This is the fourth papal journey to Canada and the first since Saint John Paul II’s visit in 2002. The pilgrimage is providing an opportunity for the Holy Father to address the impact of colonization and the Catholic Church’s role in the operation of residential schools in Canada. As shepherd of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, the Holy Father is also connecting with the Catholic community in Canada.

A useful website for anyone interested in this week’s Papal Visit: https://www.papalvisit.ca/

Pope Francis’ full address to the Native People of Canada: https://youtu.be/d87PLRrbP0w

An article on this week’s “reconciliation visit” (from the Catholic Sentinel): https://www.catholicsentinel.org/Content/Default/Homepage-Rotator/Article/-I-am-sorry-Canadian-Indigenous-react-to-papal-apology/-3/382/46139

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