February 26: A Prayer for a Lenten Friday

“Dear God, help us discover what you want to do in our lives this day this Lenten Friday. We are often blind to your presence, deaf to your voice, too busy to see you right at our side: open our eyes to the ways you want to meet us today; open our ears to the words you will speak to us; and open our hearts to how you want to heal us today.

We know that in Lent you invite us: to pray, that we might grow closer to you; to fast, that we might hunger for what is truly satisfying; and to care for the poor and deepen our dependence on you.

Teach us to pray, Lord – help us make the time. Keep us faithful to fasting – nourish us with your Word and your presence. Give us generous hearts – help us see that we have much more than we need.

Also, Lord, we know full well that there are some folks in our neighborhood and in our world who need your help in a special way today; you know their names already, but let us mention them now __________. Lord, in your love and mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.”

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