February 1: National Catholic Schools Week

Sometimes, our difficulties seem to be overwhelming. We think there is no end. Covid-19 presented us with a very long stretch where the trials and difficulties seemed almost endless. But God sent us relief and His promise is that he will always do so. We must trust that there is always “light” at the end of the tunnel. One of the central “jobs” of a Catholic School is to help students come to an understanding that Jesus is the source of that “light.” Jesus will always be with us and, therefore, there is always cause for hope and rejoicing.

Another “job” of a Catholic School is to point out that we are to follow Jesus’ instruction to preach the “Good News” with wisdom and passion. At our own school, we take seriously our mission to instruct our students in the “Good News” and lead them to become knowledgeable, hopeful, and confident disciples.

Yet another “job” entrusted to us is to remind our students, parents, and supporters that Jesus calls ordinary people to come and follow Him. He taught with authority, proclaimed with conviction, and loved tenderly. We trust that the Holy Spirit gives us the wisdom to follow Jesus and answer His call. May the Spirit continue to help all of us in our community and throughout the Church to walk faithfully in the footsteps of the Lord.

Let us pray. “Lord God, you have blessed our school with many gifts. We pray that you will continue to send your Spirit into our midst so that we may share your wisdom and grace with all whom we meet. Keep us faithful to the light that leads us along your path, through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

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