Easter Friday

At the daily Mass today, the Gospel passage was taken from John 21,1-14. In the days after Jesus’ resurrection, the disciples were trying to understand the “new normal” of life in the shadow of this momentous event. Their Lord, who was dead a few days ago, is now alive. Today they go fishing, maybe to simply pass the time as they reflect on Jesus’ new part in their life. Feeling confused and alone, they fish. On the shore though, the Lord stands watch. He is ever near whether they are aware of His presence or not. John realizes that Jesus stands on the shore, announces as much, and they eventually shared breakfast with Him. They realize that, having the Risen One so close, they can feel empowered to navigate the “new life” into which He invites them.

In the last month we have had to navigate a “new normal” as we reorder life to stay healthy. Together (though apart) we are discovering new ways of living and communicating. We are creating new daily routines to feel some normalcy in a rather abnormal moment. In the midst of this moment, the Risen Lord is ever near to us as well. He is on the shore of our lives keeping watch over us, inviting us to share a meal with Him. He wants us to listen to Him, but He also wants to hear about our joys and our concerns, our hopes and our fears. In all things, Jesus reminds us that He is always and powerfully near to us.

Today, in the midst of all that fills your day, make some time to sit on the shore with Jesus. Tell Him what you need. He will always give you the food of faith in order that you might give birth to a new hope – for yourself and for others. (This reflection was inspired by our friends the Servites, at the Grotto.)


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