December 31: A New Year Awaits Us

How can we enter the New Year in a Catholic way?

By never forgetting that each of us is God’s individual creation and therefore a gift He has bestowed on the world. Be humbled by the fact that God certainly has us in the palm of His hand. Without Him we are nothing. Let us be happy with who and what we are. God made us and loves us. If we feel we need to change to please Him, we can do it. We just need to ask for His help.

By remembering that the choices we make are our responsibility. Sometimes our choices hurt us. It is good to embrace them and learn from them and move on. Let us thank God for the experience. Sometimes NOT getting what we want or what we think we need is a blessing. If we trust God, we will thank Him. When “one door closes another opens.” Let us always count our blessings, not our troubles.

By remembering to always do our best. The “best” is all God expects from each of us. We can make it through whatever comes along. Grace will be there, but it only comes one day at a time. Don’t fret about the future. Prayer is the most powerful of weapons and can be our greatest ally in all diversity. Let’s not take things too seriously, especially ourselves. Miracles happen: each of us is one.

Finally, we can enter the New Year in a Catholic way by pledging to never fail to help a neighbor, whoever it may be, even a stranger. We all will experience “highs and lows” during the coming year. We have the armor of the Church to shield us and the angels and saints to help us. “Be not afraid!”


Deacon Greg Kandra of the Diocese of Brooklyn has some terrific ideas for those still pondering making resolutions for the new year. He starts by saying, “If you absolutely love 2020 and don’t want it to end, you can stop reading right now. Everyone else, pull up a chair. Let’s talk.”

This is a thoughtful consideration for all serious Catholics who want to enter the new year in a uniquely Catholic and hopeful way:

Traditional Blessing at the Beginning of the Year: “Every good gift comes from the Father of Light. May God grant us His grace and every blessing, and keep us safe throughout the coming year. Amen. May God grant us unwavering faith, constant hope, and love that endures to the end. Amen. May God order our days and our work in His peace, hear our every prayer, and lead us to everlasting life and joy. Amen. And may God’s blessing be upon us today and throughout the new year, the Father, (+) and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

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