December 23: The Way of the Lord

Advent has always meant waiting and anticipation. When we were younger, the waiting was all mixed up with giddy anticipation for Christmas, wasn’t it? Our waiting and anticipation for both Advent and Christmas are probably more measured now, but we still love this time to take a breath and prepare, knowing that we are never quite “ready.” Even though we are well-practiced at waiting and anticipating, are we ever quite ready?

One important Advent lesson is that we have to remember to trust in God and to be ready whenever God calls upon us, whether we feel ready or not. All season-long we have been invited  to open our hearts to God, to be as ready as we can be for life’s joys and sorrows. We know God will be with us. Well beyond Advent, we will have to continue to learn to trust that God’s will might be revealed in unexpected ways. The path might not be straight. It might not be easy, but the path is there for us, waiting.

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